Have you ever said "I wish I had a Platonic Wife" ? Well... Now you can! Your Platonic Wife believes in quality services. She believes in supporting you to live your best life. From home cooked meals and stocking your fridge to organizing your work life to create more space for fun! Need pet care too? This is your one stop shop Vancouver!

  • MIND


    Personal Coaching Service: Feel like someone threw too much soap in the laundry machine and it’s coming out the top? Sitting on the lid isn’t going to make it stop. Time to empty and reload.
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  • BODY


    Food and Body Care Service: Mind yourself! We aren’t that kind of service so simmer down! You only have one body in this lifetime and how you treat it is important.
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  • SOUL


    Spiritual Service: If the vacuum’s not plugged in dear, you aren’t going to clean up the dust. Are you ready to be plugged in?
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    Referral Service: You probably have a ton of things on the go and a bunch of things you want to do but don’t have the time or know how to. From writing a book to taking care of your pets.
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Lets break it down. Platonic Wife can support you to get where you want to go in the four areas of life that are most important: Mind. Body. Soul. Community. Our services are only for people who are committed to their well being and a more satisfying life. We know you don't have time to waste and we only want to support those who are willing to receive it. If you are ready to start working with your Platonic Wife, your first step is to "Say Hi" (write us a note). You'll hear back from us in 24 hours with an outline of our services and prices. (P.S.- Can't wait to meet you!)

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